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Friday, 3-Nov-2006 04:13 Email | Share | Bookmark

Selain daripada Roadwalk, Nasi Kandaq, Padang Kota and Komtaq.... memang laaa tak sah kalau tak pi makan kat Padang Brom. Tahun ni Mama tak ikut sebab letih sangat beraya kot.

Kat Padang Brom ni best Mee Rebus, Mee Goreng and Pasemboq. Tapi sebab kenyang sangat beraya siang tadi... we settle dengan mee and koayteow goreng je... Have a look laaa. Nyum Nyum
For those yang tak penah pi... dia betul2 kat belakang Balai Polis Dato' Keramat off Perak Road. Dah dekat sangat dah dengah Road Walk.

Beside the great Nasi Kandar, Penang has another delicious surprise. The Mee Goreng Mamak.
Yes, we can find it at almost all mamak stalls or restaurants throughout Malaysia, but the Penang ersion is simply outstanding. Whenever I eat mee goreng at most mamak outlets, I realise the taste of 'kicap' is too much and seem normal to everyone. I also noticed that some mamak added in too much vegetable. Most of the time 'sayur kobis'! I wonder, why not just call it 'sayur goreng' instead of mee goreng? It's okay to use kicap or vegetables in mee goreng, but excessively are just not my taste. So, when we were in Penang, father took us to Padang Brom (Padang Brown).

It is located right behind the Datuk Keramat police station. Padang Brom has a food court and there were 2 mee goreng stalls, Mohabbat & Ghani. They are operated at night only (approx 6pm to 12am). So, we did try both. The first night was the Mee Goreng Ghani. Very good taste and make us order another plate. We really appreciate the delicious experience.

The second night, we went to Mohabbat. Good taste but with more quantity. I preferred the Ghani but Mohabbat was too good too. Mohabbat served us with bigger quantity and make me hard to decide a winner. Finally, I can only made up a conclusion, which is also a suggestion. If we go to Penang and wanna eat good mee goreng, go to Padang Brom. If we are very-very hungry, go to Mohabbat, and if we just wanna try the good taste of Penang Mee Goreng Mamak, go for Ghani!


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