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The Original Nasi Kandar Part III - Rafiq Sulaiman, Penang.

The Queue
The Original Nasi Kandar (Part III). I always against many people who normally enjoy nasi kandar because of it's fried chicken. The real nasi kandar is appreciated by it's curry. If we like the fried chicken, say it the fried chicken is good, don't mention it wrongly as the nasi kandar is good! After all, fried chicken is not the most important dishes to nasi kandar.

My late grandfather ate nasi kandar with beef or fish, together with telur rebus and bendi. And my father once said,"don't eat your nasi kandar with chicken, it will only destroy the great taste of nasi kandar". So, let me suggest U to another 'pure' nasi kandar stall in Penang.

This Rafiq Sulaiman stall is located at Jalan Air Itam, Penang. They occupy some space of a chinese kopitiam (Pinang Restoran). To be clearer, it is just a few shophouses away from the junction joining Lorong Kulit (Stadium) with Jalan Air Itam. When I went there, a long queue of about 15-20 customers were lining up waiting to be serve. I dont know whether it was a wrong timing by me or their nasi kandar is just too good. If U wanna try, be there as early as 7am to avoid long queue. Dont worry, you'll appreciate it! The heavenly taste is worth the wait



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The Original Nasi Kandar Part II - Jelutong, Penang.

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The Original Nasi Kandar (Part II). When I go to Penang, I love to Solat Subuh berjemaah at the mosque. There are so much motivation to perform the Subuh at the mosque in Penang. Because the best food in Penang available right after the Subuh prayers.

We gotta be early as we want to catch the best! This is another original nasi kandar stall in Penang.The stall have no special name, but fit in well as the major profit contributor to Kedai Kopi Tai Min, a chinese kopitiam. It can be found at the end of Perak Road in Jelutong. My parents went there before to 'tapau' (pack the Nasi kandar), but cancelled their plan due to long queue.

There were about 10 metres of customer lining up to buy their nasi kandar! And, if we are early & lucky enough, we'll get to see how original this nasi kandar is all about. The sellers will 'kandaq' the rice from their kitchen across the road. Kandaq means, carrying the rice pot in a basket tied to a stick that leaned on shouders. That's why I'm suggesting U to perform the Subuh prayers in the mosque instead of at home.



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The Original Nasi Kandar Part I - Doby Ghaut, Penang.

Dont miss this!
If we look at the picture, we'll be asking what the mosque have to do with Nasi Kandar? Actually, one of the best Nasi Kandar stalls in Penang is located here. For more surprises, it is whithin the mosque compound!

I'm going to suggest some 'real nasi kandar' which are still available in Penang. I was in Penang last week and I have tried some 'pure' nasi kandar. Nasi kandar is about rice & curry. I appreciate nasi kandar for it's mixed curry and not the fried chicken. A good nasi kandar operators prepare good curry.

There are chicken curry, fish curry, prawn curry, sotong curry etc. But, mixing-up all curry for our nasi kandar require some skills too.. So, this nasi kandar stall is actually located at Masjid Doby Ghaut (jamek shaik eusoff), Penang.

Best landmark is where the mosque is right opposite of the Penang Jail at Jalan Air Itam. They start business after the Subuh prayers, until... I'm not so sure.... But, trust me! It's worth to try...



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Restoran Nasi Ayam Special - Bachang, Melaka.

Absolute Chicken!
Nice interior too!
Can't wait...
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Restoran Nasi Ayam Special.

This restaurant sell jolly good chicken rice. The best part i wud say is the soup. Amongst others, this restaurant also served tasty n thick otak-otak (grilled fish paste), tauhu bakar, chicken wings, mee soto and a lot more. The restaurant is located in Bachang, Melaka. Just 5 minutes away from Tesco or Melaka Sentral. Enjoy.

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