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The sign of great Beriyani!
A hidden secret of KL...
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This is another hidden secret of Kuala Lumpur and I like to share it with all. Many people think that to have Nasi Beriyani meal is an expensive one in KL. And here is a secret of a great beriyani that has existed in KL since 1978. Hasan Beriyani also known as The Original Southern Beriyani makes wonderful Nasi Beriyani. You can just eat the rice just like that! No need chicken, No need curry! However, the fried chicken is also good.

A perfect meal that you can have at Hasan Beriyani is Beriyani Ayam Goreng that consist the rice, fried chicken, cucumber slice and some curry. Don’t forget to add a few scoops of ‘the serdak’ too. Serdak is the special spice from the fried chicken. Guest what? It will cost you for only about RM5.00 for all that inclusive of a ‘teh o ais’. Where else can you find something like this in the big city of KL?

Actually, it’s not just about the price, but the most is about the taste. Try it and you gonna love it! Hasan Beriyani is shyly located Lorong Bandar 13 at Medan Pasar. If you are moving along Leboh Pasar Besar (in front of Bar Council), you can see a small lorong on your right, after the Medan Pasar traffic light. To be clearer, the lorong is at the opposite of a barbershop at Leboh Pasar Besar and there is a chinese fruit stall at the entrance. Walk past the first beriyani stall and the 4th operating stall is Hasan Beriyani. If you lost, call the owner at 012-3650880. You can also call for order from your office as they provide delivery services too.


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The best Nasi Ayam in Klang.

Contributed by Henry @ Taman Putri
The best Nasi Ayam in Klang.

Restoran Selamat as it was aptly named serves awesome chicken rice in Klang or at least in this side of Klang. Located along the old Shapadu H'way 200m after shell petrol station if you are from KL or Klang, on the left. And if you are from Port Klang (Northport) it is located some 500m after a (religious school) Sekolah Agama on your right hand side.

The restaurant also have various dishes for nasi campur (Malay Culinaries) for you to choose fm. It only will cost you RM3 per plate. But the soup is the killer. I wud order a plate plus 2 extra bowld of soup each time. Yummy I tell you!! Trylah. Call or sms 0123179321 if you are on your way or got lost.


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Restoran Shahira, KL.

Jalan Melayu near LRT Masjid Jamek!
A simple restaurant.
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This is a good restaurant in Kuala Lumpur if you are thinking about Nan, Dal & Tandoori Chicken. I've been eating here since 6-7 years ago. But only twice a month. However, only today I have the chance to share this delicious experience with all. Thanks to Good Food!

Restoran Shahira was opened long time ago at Jalan Melayu heading to Jalan Masjid India in KL. For clearer picture, it is located at the opposite of Wisma Yakin, right behind the new OCBC headquaters. It takes only 2 minutes of walking from Masjid Jamek LRT station.

They sell many kind of food, from nasi beriyani to murtabak. But my top recommendation is, try their Roti Nan with Dal. They make good Dals. It's thick and very nice. With only about RM3.00 you will be having a decent meal there (inclusive ice tea). But, with extra RM5.00, you can try the Chicken Tandoori, which are outstanding too! Squeezing the lime over the spice marinated chicken makes it taste wonderful. I know that this restaurant does not make the best tandoori in Malaysia, but for only RM8.00 per lunch, why not try? I also noticed about the crowd between 12.30pm to 2.30pm everyday, especially on Friday, and I wonder what brought the customers here?


Monday, 6-Nov-2006 10:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rojak Mamak @ Bangkok Bank

The Rojak
Try it...
One day during the fasting month, I saw a friend carried 2 bungkus of rojak from this restaurant. I asked if he is not fasting. He said that the rojak is for buka puasa (Breaking Fast). And I questioned what makes him 'tapau' (packed) the rojak as early as 2pm while buka puasa time is only at 7pm. He explained that the rojak is very good, and he might miss it if he's late.

Wow! Does taste really matters? And how good it is actually? The rojak shop is operated by mamak in a chinese kopitiam. Kedai Kopi Tai Pak as it was named is located behind the Bangkok Bangkok Bank Bus Stop in Kuala Lumpur. Infact it is in the same block as the Bangkok Bank. There are cucur, tauhu, taugeh, sengkuang, timun, telur rebus and sotong in my rojak with pretty nice sweet and spicy sauce / kuah.

However, I can't comment much on the Rojak as I am not really a rojak lover. But, my friend's effort to buy it in the middle of a day during the fasting month, has really impressed me. Try it, maybe it's your taste!


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Murtabak Singapore Bangi

Beef Stew
Come and get 1
Murtabak Maker
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We went and visited my Uncle in Bandar Baru Bangi last early this week for Hari Raya.
He took us out to the famous Bandar Baru Bangi, Murtabak Singapore. I have no idea how a Singaporean Murtabak end up somewhere in Bangi. Neither do i have any idea how does a Murtabak Singapore looked like. But that Murtabak tastes great.

One devilish Murtabak. It felt almost sinful to have one. Unlike other Mamak Murtabak all over Malaysia, Murtabak Singapore has more beef and served with Dal Curry. The beefy goodness also looked visually clear. And thats makes me wanna go there again. Most probably this weekend.

A little bit pricey as compared to the usual Pasar Malam Murtabak tho. Check out the listing!!

How to go there?
From the Bangi Toll gate. 12 o'clock on the 1st roundabout. 9 o'clock on the second. Keep left after the turn. The landmark is the Shell Petrol Station. The shop is on the corner lot opposite to the legendary Sate Kajang Samuri. Hmm opening hours?? I was ther during dinner though.. did nor realise that huh. BTW, anybody ou there that cud help, plse drop your comments. Thanks and Enjoy!!!


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