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Self service...
Char Kueh Teow...
Ada udang lah...???
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I know that taste does matter. But I believe that good taste is some very subjective matter. The taste of an object can be very nice on your tongue but may not be on others. It is like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Mali’s Corner is known for its nasi lemak panas. I don’t know when it was open, but I realized their existence as early as December 1997. They make good nasi lemak and char kueh teow. I never understand how they actually maintained thair nasi lemak warm. They start business at around 5.00pm and close in early morning on the next day.

Located in front of a block of shophouses in Taman Bunga Raya Setapak, Mali’s Corner is visited by many Tuanku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College students every night. Their well-known Nasi Lemak Panas (Hot Nasi Lemak) attracted a lot of customers from around Wangsa Maju, Ulu Kelang, Setapak and Gombak. It is a shame if you are staying within this area but never knew about Mali’s Corner. Looking at the crowd makes me believe that the owner is already a successful businessman. No wonder he seldom seen in a 3 series.

The Char Kueh Teow is just another attraction. It taste good and have a lot of fan too. I have sister in laws who live in Shah Alam and Sri Kembangan but love the Char Kueh Teow. But not really for me as I have tasted something better before. It is a sin for me to ignore Mali’s Corner just because I am not their fan. I recognized their specialties (Nasi Lemak & Char Kueh Teow) by witnessing hundreds of customers hanging out here almost every night.

However, I still have something that I like here at Mali’s Corner. I like their Milo Ais (Iced Milo). It’s very ‘kaw!’ (thick) that I seldom have it after my soccer or tennis sessions. If you looking for another option, you can also try the satay and otak-otak from stalls nearby.

Check out the affordable prices!!

Finally, I would like to put up a note that taste is a very special case. One might say, a nasi lemak is really good, while others just couldn’t agree. Sometime we have to agree that we are not so perfect to judge a good food. A simple person like me may not appreciate Mali’s Corner, but there are thousand of people that love their foods. Go ahead dudes, try it yourself and be your own judge!


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15 KM away from Prot Dickson town...
Car and people gathered here!
A sign of attraction...
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On my way back to Kuala Lumpur from Malacca, I discovered a very strange scene in Teluk Kemang. At 15 kilometer from the Port Dickson, in the middle of nowhere, I saw a lot of cars parked at the roadside. I wonder what was going on here? Maybe there was an accident? Well, my guess was wrong. All the cars parked were actually belonging to many customers of a little stall there.

Fried Sardine Sandwich anyone?

It was an unbelievable moment for me. There was nothing attracting, in a quiet area and many people gathering at a little stall. I was very curious and pull over to find out more. After parking safely at about 50 meters from the scene, I walked towards the mysterious stall.

I look around for their specialties. But I couldn’t figure out what were the best there. Many customers were having various type of food. As for me, I wasn’t hungry but still want to try out something here.

I tried a plate of mixed kuih. There was Keropok Lekor, Popia Goreng and Cucur Udang. Fortunately, these are my favourites for an evening tea. It was all good and the sauce was outstanding. It was a home made red chilly sauce that tasted beautiful with another home made black sauce. Pretty hot, but I love hot and spicy.

I later tried their fried sandwich. Thank god, it was good too. The ingredients were only sambal sardine but drove me crazy. After eating, I also tried their Leng Chee Kang, Sugar Cane and Cendol. Cendol and Leng Chee Kang were also good and refreshing. It has been a long time since the last time I had a bowl of Leng Chee Kang.

At the end, I couldn’t verify the best food offered here. All that I have tried were good. After all, I couldn’t try their mee rebus and mee kari as I had not much space left inside my tummy. However, the venue, the crowds and the cars tell all. How could I ignore a huge crowd at a little stall with variety of good food?


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If u drive from Melaka City, look out for this sign board!
From far, you can already see the restaurant...
Yeah, this is the one that they always talk about!
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All my friends used to say that if we go to Malacca, don’t miss the Ikan Bakar. I always wonder, what makes the ikan bakar in Malacca is so important? I’ve been to Kelantan and Terengganu where there are more fishermen but not popular with ikan bakar. But, Umbai and Sg Duyung are very popular with ikan bakar.

So, I followed Tiga Abdul to my next destination. It took us about half an hour to reach Sg Duyung. Muara Sg Duyung is where the river meets the sea. There were many fishermen’s boats. I knew that I’m gonna get some fresh fish today. So, we made ourselves comfortable in an open-air restaurant by the river. Medan Ikan Bakar offers variety of fresh foods from the sea. There were many kinds of fish, crabs, prawns, shrimps and a lot more for our selection. Not to forget, there were also otak-otak, nasi lemak and fried chicken too.

They killed the "crocodile hunter". We ate them for dinner

We had one Ikan Pari Bakar (Stingray), Ayam Goreng Pandan (Fried Chicken) with Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang. Thank god, it was magnificent. Dipping the fresh Ikan Pari Bakar into the Cili-Kicap sauce made an unforgettable evening for me.

Even though the nasi lemak wasn’t as what I had expected, the Ayam Goreng Pandan was also irresistible. Wrapped in pandan leaves, gave us such a sweet aroma. I wasn’t that hungry as I just had Cendol Karipap in the last one hour, but the sexy Ikan Pari Bakar turned me into a food maniac again. The nasi lemak was only 60 sen each, the ayam goreng pandan was RM2.50 each, and the Ikan Pari Bakar was valued according to its size and weights.

For me, it was a wonderful trip to Malacca. I might not have discovered the best of Malacca yet, but the food that I had in the past 2 days was enough to satisfy my desire. Thank you to the Tiga Abdul gang. They were not just a bunch of talented photographers, but also talented Food Tourist Guides. So, if you are thinking about food, think Good Food Fotopages, but if you think about Wedding Cameramen, think Tiga Abdul


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Historical Malacca...
Historical Stall...
Cendol Biasa???
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I had a pretty good meal after the akad nikah function. I ate twice and please don’t tell anybody. The people at Kampung Hilir carried out gotong royong to prepare the dishes. I can’t believe that they can actually cook well for such a big quantity. The taste of the meal at the function was marvelous. I wasn’t really hungry as I had roti canai just two hours before. But I couldn’t resist my tongue demands for another plate of rice. I didn’t know what did they cook, but I was really overpowered by its’ amazing taste. All that I can remember, there was chicken! Hey, why should I tell about the meal at the function, as you can only try them if you get a wedding invitation from Kampung Hilir.

We left for the city after that meal. Tiga Abdul brought me to try the famous cendol at the historical city of Malacca. Also known as Cendol Jam Besar, had been in business since many years ago. It is strategically located at Jalan Laksamana where many tourists were hanging around. To be exact, it is located across the road in front of the old post office building. I had a bowl of cendol for myself, and it was good and better than the one I had in Kuala Kangsar, a couple of weeks ago. Some of us had two bowls of cendol that evening. There are cendol biasa (regular), cendol kacang and cendol pulut.

I also bought some kueh from a near by stall. The hot karipap was good and we also had some goreng pisang and goreng sukun too. So guys… If you ever go to Malacca, it’s worth to try the Cendol Jam Besar…


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This welcome sign that I found at Kampung Hilir!
This is the place...
At this road, opposite of the wet market.
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I was fortunate to be invited by the Tiga Abdul Production to join them for an assignment in Malacca. It was quite an exciting offer as it was an opportunity for me to try some good food available in Malacca. Their assignment was to cover a wedding at Kampung Hilir ,Kuala Sungai Baru while I had to cover the as many good food of Malacca.

As we arrived at about 10.00 am, we were informed that the akad nikah has been postponed to 12.00pm. So, we had so much time to wait and we went to the town to look for something to eat. We stopped by at this stall near the town’s wet market. Kedai Makan & Minuman Abu Kassim Bersaudara at Jalan Telok Gong / Pengkalan Balak offered something that I had never experienced before. Roti Canai with Asam Pedas was so new to me as I grew up with Roti Canai and Curry. Such a coincidence, Abu Kassim is also the name of the chief photographer of Tiga Abdul. I purposely asked for the roti canai with a pretty high expectation. There was nothing special about the roti canai, but the asam pedas was really something. I enjoyed the taste of the Malacca’s asam pedas, which was quite thick and tasty. Why not? Malacca is the home of asam pedas. Who else can make asam pedas better than the Malacca people?

However, I can’t comment further about how good was the asam pedas as it is not really my favourite. I am not an asam pedas kind of guy, but I did enjoy this new experience. I am not recommending this stall because of how they made the roti canai or asam pedas, but I am talking about something different for us to try.

Go ahead dudes! Try it!


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