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Wednesday, 10-Jan-2007 00:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Legendary Cendol Klang

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Contributed by Henry @ Port Klang

OK Orang Klang kalau tak penah makan cendol klang... baik tak payah mengaku orang Klanglaaa. Pi migrate ke Perlis or Sandakan lagi baik!! Cendol Klang was established way back in 1972 and now in its 2nd Generation. Prior to this full fledged restaurant.. they started only with pull stall upgraded to van in the 80s.

What is a cendol?
Well for all the Cendol virgin out there. Cendol is a green coloured flour eaten together with shredded ice and creamy coconut milk and sweet gula melaka. Some have glutinuos rice which cud double up as your lunch as it is truly filling. Nice to take on a hot day or served after meals as dessert.

How to go there?
Cendol Klang is located in the Klang Town. Located near the Gold Coast Hotel Klang. If you are already in the vicinity... please ask around. These people are the regular patrons there. They will happily assist you!!

What to eat?
Cendol what else. They also served Rojak. Which is a great pair to cendol

RM1.40 per bowl of richly sweet goodness.

Nice to hv it with your best buddy and talk about the old days. Kidding around over a bowl of Cendol. Oh how nice!! So what are you waiting for?? Jom Cendol!!

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Restaurant Soto Section 8 Shah Alam

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Contributed by Amalina @ Shah Alam Section 13
Regular eating hole for UiTM Shah Alam Students. Lunch and Dinner

Ha ha... sapa ex-student ITM or UiTM mesti penah makan kat sini at least sekali in their lives or they maybe living under a coconut shell. This place is the best. The name does not really tell you the secret. It says Soto. But ist serves this wonderful arrays of Malay food from Masak Lemak to Curries, to Assam Pedas to Ikan Bakar to Ulam to Soups and endless more. If you ask me.. honestly I never did try al the offerings on the buffett table.

How to go there?
Well, its damn easy. 1st you have to know where Shah Alam is. It is on the way to Bukit Cherakah. Just next to the Section 8 Surau. The restaurant is facing the sect 8 flats. You won't miss the place. Worse case scenario. Ask anybody in Section 8 or Shah Alam. They would at least be able to point you to this area.


What to eat?
Anything under the Malay Menu Universe is here. Believe me.. Check out the imageslaaa my friend.

Mak aihh banyaknye choice!! Confuse pokcik!!

Check out the crowd at peak hour. And this is only a friction of it.

You pay what you eat. You can come out awfully full from just RM4 - RM6. They also have some Malay Kueh in store for you.

Malay Kueh. Try the kueh Keria. My personal Favorite!!

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Sup Kaw Kelana Jaya

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Introduced by Fakhul @ Bandar Sri Damansara

I tell you these soups ROCKS!! We just sent Fakhul parents in law to Kelana Jaya Tabung Haji Centre for their Haj pilgrimage. Going back he suggested to try these lovely sinful soupy goodness!! Sup Kaww Kelana Jaya!!

HUGE signboard you won't miss!! Heck you won't miss it for the world

Soup Ekor. Oxtail Soup. Soup for the Champions

How to go there?
Well, its quite easy. Do you know the new Giant Kelana Jaya? It is located right behind this huge complex along the road on the back. You can see there are endless Malaysian style warong or al fresco dining for those of you from Europe. Sup Kaw stands tall at the end of the road.. or the 1st Warong you see depends on which way you are coming from. The thing is, you WON"T miss the HUGE signboard. SUP KAW!!

Seafood Kerabu. Careful.... extra cautious... Highly addictive

What to eat?

Well of course its soup kaw. Kaw means Power. Its already an acceptable coloq. in the Bahasa Malaysia language. Don't know where its originated from. Some says its Chinese. But what the hell!! We are talking about soup here!!

The soup is a wonderful spiced up chicken, beef or lamb broths. I tried the Sup Ekor or Oxtail soup. It was great. You can eat it with white rice or a plain bread. We had also the Ikan Siakap 3 rasa (3 tastes). And I tell you we actually tasted all the 3 Rasas . Another notable to mention... the kerabu seafood. Splendidly done. A taste to remember.

Siakap 3 rasa... mahal but worth it!!


Hmmm i must say this won't go into my cheap list. The soup is fairly OK but if you order the whole state dinner for 14 pax.. it'll blow your pocket! So couples out there.... come here during rainy days. It certainly warms you up!!

Sure KAW KAW punye!!

Fakhul broke the bang before he foot the bills. He he he

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Masjid Jamek Sg Mulia, Gombak.
Almost there...
Look at the sign board! Not the car...
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There was a visitor of Good Food that has recommended to me about this Malay Style Chicken Rice. He told me that he has been a regular customer here for the past 10 years. Thank you to him for the recommendation. But, I wasn’t biased to his words. Actually, I have been here many times in 1994, which was 12 years ago. I used to travel all the way from Chow Kit just to have lunch here.

Nasi Ayam Mancongkam was opened many years ago at Jalan Gombak. It was originally operated in a little stall with only 3 tables for customers. But, today it was a real surprise for me to witness such an improvement. The stall has disappeared and replaced with a 30 tables restaurant. I could see many staff that has been hired to assist the owner. No wonder that I couldn’t find the original stall anymore.

If you travel from KL through Jalan Gombak, you got to drive past Diamond Square and Pasar Besar Gombak, until you see a mosque on your left. Nasi Ayam Mancongkam restaurant is at the opposite of Masjid Jamek Sg Mulia, Gombak, KL. To be more accurate, it is right next to Restoran Haji Tapah.

When you talk about nasi ayam, I would particularly concern about the rice. Fortunately, the rice was really good. Very very good! Soft, sticky and tasty. However, the chicken was just not my style, as I prefer a Chinese style steamed chicken. But that shouldn’t be a reason for me to discredit the Nasi Ayam.

From my observations, most customers love the Ayam Garing and that is why it is 30 sen more expensive than the regular one. The soup was also very nice and the sauce was thick. Looking at the price list, I think I can afford to come here as often as I like.

Nasi Ayam Biasa: RM3.50
Nasi Ayam Garing: RM3.80
Nasi Goreng Ayam Biasa/Garing: RM3.80
Nasi Tambah: RM1.00
Cheap huh? Just try it…


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The entrance to Tg Malim
The legendary Pau restaurant...
Read it loud!
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Many famous people had visited this little town that was known for its Sultan Idris Teacher’s Training College (now known as Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris). But they came here for a different interest too. I was told that the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman would stop in Tanjung Malim just to have Pau. I also heard that the great cartoonist, LAT stopped here for the same reason too. There were so many famous people have stopped here for that pau! Even before Proton had opened it’s plant here.

What is so special about this Pau? So, I visited the coffee shop today and tried it. There are four flavours, which are Pau Daging (Beef), Pau Ayam (Chicken), Pau Kaya and Pau Kacang (Beans). I tried the Kaya, Chicken and Beef. Sorry to tell that I don’t like Pau Kacang… The Pau is soft, white, clean and fresh that I couldn’t decide which one is the best. I love it all and felt worth for the money spent. There were also many other families having their evening tea at the coffee shop. At my surprise, most of them are malays despite the coffee shop owner is a Chinese.

The prices are fair for a famous eat place. Pau Kacang and Pau Kaya is only RM1.00 each. Pau Ayam and Pau Daging is only RM1.50 each. However, the coffee shop could have looked more classic with wooden chairs instead of plastic chairs. Also be careful of small pieces of bones inside the chicken and beef flavours.
Today, the Pau is available at a Chinese coffee shop in Tanjung Malim.

Yik Mun coffee shop is located at the junctions of Tanjung Malim old entrance. I don’t have the exact address of the coffee shop. But, if you are coming from the Tanjung Malim Toll Plaza, drive straight until you see a flyover bridge. Take left until you get into the old road towards Tanjung Malim. Drive past 2 traffic lights until you stop at the third one. When you stop at the third traffic light, look on your right and you’ll see the Yik Mun Coffee shop. Other landmarks that you’ll see along your way from the toll plaza are I LOVE U CORNER on your right, TAMAN BAHTERA on your right and UNIVERSITI PEDIDIKAN SULTAN IDRIS on your left.

However today, they have opened two more outlets in Mid Valley and One Utama, KL. And, I don’t know how does it taste in KL. But, the pau that I had in Tanjung Malim, was wonderful! So? Why wait, jump into your car and drive to Tanjung Malim now!


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