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Friday, 6-Apr-2007 13:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pulau Ketam Chinese Muslim Restaurant

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Restoran Cina Muslim Kita

Ahhh!!! I love Chinese Food. I have enough of Nasi Campur and mamak stalls except of course... Nasi Kandaq. But seriously, Chinese Food are something you rarely eat.

Why? it is so hard to get Halal Chinese Food around. Even the one in Food Courts are sometime very doubtful. Yes, there are a lot of Kopitiam sprouting all over Klang Valley nowadays. But Kopitiams are more like for Breakfast and Snack. Not REAL eating experience. This restaurant have so much to offer. Further more Halal Chinese Restaurants in hotels are so expensive. This Restaurant Really have something different to offer!!

Located in Taman Seri Andalas, Klang, eat is the local favorite especially for Muslims who wanted some difference. If you happen to be in the vicinuty, plse do not miss this. It is just 5 minutes away from Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital aka Klang GH, 10 minutes away from Giant Hypermarket Klang and 15 minutes away from the infamous local Klang state assemblyman's Istana Idaman

A lot of great stuff you can get here. Among my favorite are the Fried Rice, Contonese Froed Koay Teow, Chicken Rice and a lot more. You can also order chicken in cashew nut, chicken with dried chillies, asparagus garlic, and a lot more. Plse also order the home made Cincau and Soya bottled drinks. There were really great!!

I beg to all entreprenuers out there, please kindly drop by, hava taste, and invest on expansion of the same Restaurant in a populated Muslim areas such as Shah Alam, Ampang or Damansara. Please believe me. This is pure Halal. It is almost like a Mamak Restaurant. Eat without any doubt!!

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Real Hailam Coffee in Port Klang

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I do not like coffee. I do not even like tea. But here I just cannot stop my self from ordering coffee, cup after cups. Even an Italian Barista wud agree with me if i cud ever bring him down here. At "Angau" as this joint was popularly nicknamed, You can have Hailam White Coffee!!!.

And Hailam Black Coffee. Both are GREATT. Hey Mr. Starbucks. You better add this to yr menu. I also happen to Love their Kopi -o- peng. Wah Laa weh!! Sedap oooo!!!.

If you are hungry, you cud have the coffee with Nasi Lemak, Fried Meehoon, Fried noodle packed in banana leaves and old newspaper. Get your friend. You cud have a seafront view as well.

OK OK OK How to go there. Drive down the federal Highway from KL STRAIGHTTTTT until the very end. You'll see a Port Klang KTM Commuter station on your right and Pulau Ketam Ferry Terminal on your left. Cross the railway line and immediately take a right turn. The "Angau Coffee Stalls" is located under a tree just before the Harbor Master Office (Jabatan Laut). You won't miss that. Plse ask around if you hve over shoot to the Harbor Master Office or The Royal Selangor Yacht Club.


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Thursday, 1-Mar-2007 16:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Depan Plaza Ampangan!
Gerai No. 45
Roti Telur Goreng & French Fries
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Last week, I went to Senawang to visit my uncle. During my visit, he took me to a Roti Bakar Stall in Ampangan. As a bread lover, this is an opportunity that I can't resist.
The Roti Bakar Stall is located in a food court at the opposite of Plaza Ampangan. I was very excited when I reached there. Looking at the price menu, I thought it is just suitable for Malaysia's Good Food Fotopages.

The stall only offers breads that are prepared in different styles. There are Roti Telur Goreng (French Toast), Roti Kukus (Steamed bread), Burgers, Banjo & Hot Dog. Roti Telur Goreng can be requested with French Fries of Sardines. Roti Kukus are served with the Kaya.
It was a cool experience for me as I had a burger and a set of Roti Telur Goreng. But the main point is the price of the foods. Roti Telur Goreng is only RM1.00 (RM1.50 with French Fries), Roti Kukus is RM0.80, Beef or Chicken Burger is only RM1.50 each and Roti Bakar Biasa is only RM0.60.

If you are looking for some light snacks in the night of Seremban, try this one. It's simple but creative and won’t affect much from you pockets!


Sunday, 4-Feb-2007 16:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The kitchen is at behind this restaurant.
Lorong rahsia tempat goreng karipap sedap!
Karipap panas dipikul untuk dijual di Stesen LRT Masjid Jamek...
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If you get down from a train at the Masjid Jamek on any morning, try the Karipap Panas here. There are 2 boys selling the Hot & Spicy Karipap here in the morning (7.30am-9.00am) and evening (5.00pm-7.00pm). They normally opened a small table with plenty of hot karipap on it. You will not going to miss this!

The reason for me to recommend this popular kueh is because of its' wonderful taste, fresh from the kitchen and very cheap. It cost you only RM1 for 3 pieces of Karipap. Sometime, we gotta believe that there is still some cheap & good food available in KL. And we should always remember that cheap doesn't mean lousy, and expensive doesn't mean good…


Sunday, 14-Jan-2007 11:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Turun kat stesen LRT Taman Jaya, PJ...
Ignore Kelab Syabas...
Yellow & Blue Building!
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This is no fairy tales, but a piece of my family's history. My uncle told me
that my grandfather, Haji Salleh Bin Haji Omar was a regular customer here.
After leaving Penang for a career in Port Klang, my grandfather was in
search for a good nasi kandar. As an original island man, my grandfather was
very particular about the taste of Nasi Kandar. He was a very selective
person. However, my uncle told me that there was a stall in Petaling Jaya
that has actually attracted my grandfather for a frequent visits. He could
travel all the way from Port Klang to Petaling Jaya just to have a good

After searching and asking all my uncles, I finally found that Zainul Nasi
Kandar was a winner to my grandfather's difficult satisfaction. I tried to
find out more from many friends who live in Petaling Jaya and found that
Zainul Nasi Kandar is still operating at the new town (PJ State).

So, I planned a visit. Accompanied by my friend, Mr. Firdaus of UOB, we took
the LRT from Masjid Jamek to Taman Jaya. As we walked down the station, we
could see clearly Amcorp Mall and the historical Drive-In A&W Restaurant. We
walked along the road passing through Shah's Village, Kelab Syabas and Maju
Curry House, until we saw a yellow & blue building at a junction. As we
entered the building, we were surprise to witness such a crowd lining up for
nasi kandar. It was a different situation here comparing to many nasi kandar
outlets in KL that I has visited.

I had nasi kandar with beef while Firdaus had it with fried chicken. It was
worth to travel and be part of a very long queue. The taste was amazing. I
could feel the different of the variety mixed curry. Each curry has it's own
special taste. And the curries were all delicious. Now I understood about
those crazy crowds. Nasi Kandar Zainul deserves to be labeled as the best
Nasi Kandar in Petaling Jaya and maybe the Klang Velley until I found a
better one.

I can forgive the inclusions of Begedel, Tauhu Sambal and Taugeh, I can also
forgive the fried chicken to be part of their attraction as their curries
didn't fade to all the side attractions. But I was a little frustrated to
realize that there were not enough Bendi and no Telur Rebus. However, it was
all about their curries that matter. People came to Zainul Nasi Kandar for
their good curries. I have to accept that they had some minor alterations on
their nasi kandar mixtures to meet the different style of Klang Valley
taste. But, their nasi kandar still survives as the main attraction and no
doubt about it.

Finally, to all the homesick Penangites out there, this is a place for a
little relief...


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