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Monday, 25-Jun-2007 12:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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When I first visited Kota Bharu in 1996, I had problems in adapting to the local dishes. However, I was lucky to have been introduced to this gerai (stall) by my ex-teamleader, Mr Soon Kim Poh (now migrated to New Zealand). The gerai serves special daging bakar and ayam bakar. I had it with plain rice and some gulai. And it was love at first taste! Also thanks to Tiga Abdul photographer, Mr Sham who had recently visited Kota Bharu. He captured some photos with his handphone, just for me to tell about the special Daging Bakar here.

Both the daging bakar and ayam bakar are so special as it is served directly from the top of the burning charcoals. It tastes so original and fresh. We can have it with rice or just like that. The stall is located at Jalan Sultanah Zainab in Kota Bharu. To be exact, the gerai is right on the Sg Kelantan riverbank near the Diamond Puteri Hotel. Business hour starts around 11.00 am and end before night falls.


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The Famous Restoran Zaman Nasi Lemak in Kuantan

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The Famous Restoran Zaman Nasi Lemak

If you are asking for the best Nasi Lemak in Kuantan? Restoran Zaman is the place to be!!! Why? You cannot get a seat if you trying to have a late 9am breakfast in the weekend coz Singaporeans are all over the place. The Nasi Lemaklaaa that’s why? For those who are Nasi Lemak virgin out there… Nasi Lemak is rice boiled with coconut milk served with anchovies, malay sambal, boiled or fried eggs and cucumber. Nowadays they even offered fried chicken, sambal kerang, sambal paru and more.

Other than Nasi Lemak, restoran Zaman offered Roti Prata / Roti Canai and some malay kueh. But they were nothing compared with thiew Nasi Lemak. Wrapped holistically by fresh banana leaves, the Nasi Lemak gave a mouth watering aroma just by seating next to them. Oh BTW, I had 2 helpings. Please be cautious as the sambal could be too spicy for some.

How to go there? If you guys are from Kuantan. Take the road to Gambang or the Airport. It is only less than a kilometer AFTER the airport junction. Keep left and you wont miss the HUGE Restoran Zaman sign. You could almost smell the Nasi Lemak from there. He he he

Still wondering how am I gonna go to Kuantan all the way from KL just to have this special Nasi Lemak. I got cravings already. Ow God!!!


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The Real Kemaman Kopitiam. Best in Kuantan and the East Coast.

Value Meal Set
The Real Kemaman Kopitiam

Like mushroom at a damp place. Suddenly we see Kopitiam sprucing up all over
the country. We see the likes of Pak Li Kopitiam, Old Town Kopitiam, Keluang
Station Kopitiam to name a few. But the Real Kopitiam is in Kemaman, way
before all this commercial kopitiam. Is located in the town of Kemaman
became instant hit to the long distance travelers from KL to Kelantan or

Kemaman Kopitiam (KK) has also joined the band wagon due to good demand from
Kuantan folks. KK opened up two branches in Kuantan alone and has plans to
go to the Klang Valley. The flagship kopitiam is located just across the street from Berjaya
Megamall Kuantan.

Hmmm what to eat there? What else to eat at a Kopitiam? Toast and Half
Boiled Eggs. My favorite will be 3 quarter boiled eggs. The Ice Black Coffee
is ...Ah Sedapnya!! You guys better try them. It will cost you only RM 7 for
that whole set. You can also have noodles, nasi lemak and delicious malay
kueh for your afternoon craving or any craving time.

You don't wanna miss this if you are in Kuantan. Way better and cheaper than
Starbucks. (OK that's too much) but worth visiting. Believe me. Drop your
comments when you're done tasting.


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Terminal Sate Zul. The best Sate in Kuantan.

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Terminal Sate Zul… The best meat on sticks in the East Coast

If you think Hj. Samuri Sate Kajang is the best in the West Coast, meet Zul Sate Terminal, the best Sate in the East Coast. Located on the way to Teluk Chempedak from Kuantan City just after Vistana Hotel near the traffic lights, it is a force to be reckon with.

Dubbed Sate Terminal due to the take-away looked like one of the ticket counters in Pudu Bus Terminal. You can order on-the-go or eat in. While ordering you could enjoy the sight of several Sate grillers grilling Sate. Your kids will love it. Heck, I enjoyed looking at them too.

Eating in? You have the option of eating inside and have an al fresco dining. I would have choose inside as it is quite dusty and smoky due to its close proximity to the main road. The Sate, nut sauce and the ketupat was marvelous. Do not miss this whenever you are in Kuantan


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Nasi Kandar Raihan juga dikenali sebagai Nasi Ganja

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Nasi Kandar Raihan juga dikenali sebagai Nasi Ganja

We went to Raihan Nasi Kandar just before Friday prayers last week. He has
been bugging me with all these stories on how good Raihan Nasi Kandar is.
Just to prove his claims, we went to Glenmarie, Shah Alam. He is paying for

As we arrived, I was greeted with this familiar aroma of curry which
actually provoked my interest to find out more. The array of offerings on
the aluminum counter is so rich and I was tempted to try all. I quickly
ordered beef and fish Nasi Kandar. Extra lady fingers for me please.

We straight away went to out seats and indulge ourselves in this beautiful
meals. My colleague had Nasi Kandar Ayam. Am more old skool or rather
traditional. Real penangites eat Nasi Kandar with Beef and Fish. It was
great. I have found an alternative to Zainul Nasi Kandar in PJ. At it is so
near to my house and I could have them in almost every other meal now. Wow!!

Raihan Nasi Kandar or RNK is located in Glenmarie near the tyre workshops.
If you are entering Glenmarie from Shah Alam Stadium or Giant, turn right at
the 1st traffic light you see. If you are entering Shah Alam from Glenmarie,
turn left on the 2nd last traffic lights into the row of workshop and shop
houses. You won't miss it. Worst case scenario, do not feel hesitate to ask
around if you are lost. Enjoy. Tell us your comments when you are done

Smile.... you're on Good Food

Thank god legal Ganja is still around. Nasi Ganja that is. Don't say we did
not warn you!!! BTW, the Nasi Kandar Ayam will costs you only RM 4,
approximately RM1 cheaper than most Commercialised Mamak and Nasi Kandar


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